10 Common Mistakes Students Make In CGPSC/CGPAT Exams


A single test can majorly determine the overall performance of a student! It’s normal for bad marks in a single test to mess up the entire examination. Somehow, students have never really learned how to prepare efficiently for their examinations. Most of the time, they ignorantly accept that their techniques are the best, but they are not actually as functional as they believe it to be. So, before you show up for any examination make sure that you avoid these common mistakes listed below:

Here are 10 Common mistakes you should avoid in your tests:

1. Forgetting to Attempt a Question

Sometimes we leave a question blank so that we can answer it later. But, that doesn’t solve our problem often we entirely forget to write the answer or simply don’t have the time to do so. So, make sure you remember or keep some kind of a mark on the question paper to remind you that you have a question that is yet to be attempted.

2. Repeating a Question

Yes students still do that. Often students tick two answers in MCQ type questions or write two answers in essay type questions. This makes both responses incorrect! To make sure you don’t do this; simply make a tick mark once you have completed writing this answer so that you don’t end up repeating it. In the case of MCQ’s make sure you don’t leave two answers because the teacher who is going to check your paper is not going to mark you for it at any cost.

3. Doing Right Rough Work, But Answering Wrong

This is the most foolish mistake that a student’s makes especially with Math. They do the rough work correctly but transfer the wrong answer in the paper. The solution for this is to be mindful and concentrate so that you do not make such a mistake. Additionally, do your revisions with utmost concentration.

4. Attempting Unknown Questions

This is a problem with students. They tend to answer the questions they don’t know first; this is one of the most important problems with students. Make sure that you answer the questions that you are confident that you know the answers correctly. This not only serves as an effective time management technique but also helps to write faster.

5. Not Keeping Track of Time:

One of the most general errors students face when writing a test is that they fail to manage time. This is a serious problem and should be given attention to thoroughly. Always read your question paper properly before starting to write and assign an estimate time to yourself and try to finish those answers in those assigned time frames.

6. Not Following Instructions

When you do not follow instructions you are surely going to lose marks. So make sure that you read the directions carefully before you start to write so that you don’t end up losing marks unnecessarily.

7. Not Solving Previous Papers

Most questions come common to previous years question papers, apart from the general knowledge paper of Chhattisgarh PSC exam. Solving question papers are extremely important and that’s why you should opt for your mock test services. We have the best online test for CGPSC and the best online test for CGPAT to help you solve this problem.

8. Last Minute Preparations

Avoid getting bits of information at the last minute of your exam. It’s not possible to learn something at the end moment of your exam, so it’s better to be up to date with all kinds of information that you need. For this purpose we have a team of experts that makes sure that you never leave any information for the last moment.

9. Filling Answer Sheet Incorrectly

Most people either fill wrong information or use the wrong ink to fill in the details on an answer sheet. At all means the student is to be very attentive and have focus so that they don’t end up messing up such a vital part of their exam.

10. A Goodnight Sleep

Lastly you need to make sure that you get a good night sleep. Most students appear for exams totally fatigued and exhorts too much of pressure on their minds. This is to be avoided at any cost. Remember that your mind needs to relax so that it can function properly during the exam.

If you follow these solutions and avoid these 10 Common Mistakes it will surely help you in your conquest and help you emerge victorious. Our team of experts are dedicated to help you in all possible ways for your exam preparation, so Sign up today and emerge as a topper.

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